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Dark Circles and Tired Eyes

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Hi Babes! Let’s talk dark circles and tear trough deformities. We all have experienced waking up with rings under our eyes and often associate it with being tired. Yes, lack of sleep can contribute to dark circles, however, there are a number of other causes!!

1. Allergies– that’s right! Allergies can cause dark circles under your eyes to appear significantly worse. If you are a person that is allergy prone consider taking a daily Zyrtec to see if it helps!

2. Sun exposure!!! This prompts your body to produce more melanin; the pigment making substance in our body! What can you do?! SPF SPF SPF SPF. The application of sunscreen should be the final step in your morning skin care regimen before applying makeup!

3. AGING: ugh, you knew this was coming! As we age our skin begins to thin. We lose collagen and fat making the appearance of vessels under your eyes more obvious! Here is what I recommend: Vitamin C, which will help brighten the skin thus reducing dark circles and FILLER. This is known as Tear trough filler. There are multiple techniques using filler to address this deformity, however, when I inject I like to inject straight to the bone using a cannula technique. I have had AMAZING results utilizing this technique. Under eye filler  is one of the most refreshing thing you can do for your face! The eyes instantly get brighter and fresher. To see me as a client for this technique click the link in my bio! The eyes are the window to the soul so taking care of this delicate area is so important!! Botox/ Dysport around the eyes can prevent and correct fine lines and wrinkles also known as crow’s feet. Followed with a good serum and nightly eye cream you will be that much closer to ageless eyes!

There’s your perfect dose of skin tips for the week! Xoxox

Kristen Herzog