Bone Broth Collagen

Bone broth collagen! Hmmm doesn’t sound very appealing does it? Well here is an easy fix that makes drinking this a breeze! SMOOTHIES! I add one scoop into my smoothies in the morning and it taste amazing. SO you might be wondering what’s they hype? Why drink bone broth collagen anyway? First off, let’s start by talking about collagen.

What is Collagen

Did you know that in your mid-twenties your body actually stops producing collagen? Instead we begin to produce an enzyme that breaks collagen down called collagenase. YIKES. And the worst part is that it doesn’t regenerate. Research shows that consuming collagen can actually help increase skin elasticity and aid your skin in healing and repairing. Although we can’t consume enough collagen to keep up with the rate of collagen breakdown that comes with aging it does help! There are other things you can do too like using retinoids and having collagen stimulating skin care treatments like microneedling to help combat the signs of aging! Now let’s talk about bone broth and why everyone is talking about it.

Bone Broth Benefits

Bone broth is exactly what is sounds like. Broth made from bones and connective tissue. It contains high amounts of nutrients, vitamins, and even collagen. Bone broth can also help protect your joints. It’s a good source of protein called gelatin that actually breaks down into collagen which is not only good for your skin, but for your body too! Bone broth also contains amino acids that help with digestion and inflammation. In other words, it’s really good for your gut. Since bone broth is a source of protein, it can also help with weight loss. If this isn’t enough to make you want to try it, I don’t know what will!

Wrapping it up

 I love all things beauty and wellness and bone broth collagen is BOTH of those things in powder form. I personally like the vanilla flavor and I get mine from sprouts. I prefer to drink it in the mornings to help kickstart my day. Here is my bone broth collagen smoothie recipe! If you guys have any smoothie recipes or ideas I would love to try them so leave a comment!

·      1 handful of kale

·      1 handful of spinach

·      1 handful of berries

·      1/2 banana

·      1 scoop of bone broth collagen

·      1 scoop of supergreens

·      Add Coconut water and blend


Botox, Xeomin, Dysport, and Jeuveau

Let’s talk TOX! Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, and Jeuveau are all derived from Botulinum Toxin. This is a protein that prevents the release of a neurotransmitter that is responsible for muscle contraction. When this neurotransmitter is released, the muscles do not contract and therefore relax resulting in improvement of fine lines and wrinkles. So now that we know how all of these neuromodulators work, what is the difference?! Each of these has a slightly different formulation that effects the onset, duration, effect, and spread.


BOTOX (onabotulinumtoxinA) has a greater molecular size. Some studies show that greater molecular size results in less diffusion. Botox binds to a greater amount of accessory proteins than any of the other neuromodulators. Longevity of Botox is 3-4 months and the onset is 7-10 days.  


Dysport (abobotulinumtoxinA) has a smaller molecular size. Typically, three units of Dysport is equal to one unit of Botox. Smaller molecular size results in an increase spread making Dysport a preferred choice for certain areas like crow’s feet. Dysport has a faster onset than the other neuromodulators with an onset of 2-5 days. The longevity of Dysport is 4-6 months.


Xeomin (incobotulinumtoxinA) has no accessory proteins making it the “pure” neurotoxin on the market. This may mean that there is less risk of developing antibodies or tolerance against Xeomin than other available neurotoxins. The effects of Xeomin occur within 3-7 days and results last 3-4 months making it very comparable to Botox.


Jeuveau (prabotulinumtoxinA-xvfs)- This is the NEW toxin on the market. Jeuveau is very comparable to Botox in its molecular size, onset, duration and amount of accessory proteins. We will see how the new kid on the block does on the market. I personally am excited to try this TOX and see how my patients like it!


The neuromodulator used needs to be determined by both you and your injector based on your individual goals and needs. I decide which type of neur0modulator I will used with my patients and price them all the same so there is no incentive for one versus the other besides personal preference and results.

Brusing and Fillers

Hi babes! It’s been a while since I have written a post so here you go!

Let’s talk post care for fillers! Yes, so many of you are always asking about what to do at home after fillers or if there is anything you can do to help prevent/ decrease bruising with injections and the answer is YES. I want to start off by saying bruising is possible and normal with ANY injections. Our faces are so vascular that sometimes it is just lucky if you don’t bruise, especially in areas like the lips! However, there are things you can do to help prevent or decrease bruising and some tips for fillers!

Here are some after-care DO’s and DON’TS

1.     Apply ice. You should apply ice 20 minutes off and on throughout the day the first 24 hours after injections. Icing helps decrease swelling and bruising. I also recommend icing 20 minutes in the morning upon waking and at night before bed for 3 days after injections. The swelling and bruising will be at its worst the first few days following injectables

2.     Arnica! The healing powers of arnica are amazing! I am obsessed. I apply gel arnica immediately after injecting my clients with fillers. I recommend going home and taking the tablets at least twice a day for one week after injections. If you are someone that tends to bruise easily, start taking the arnica 3-5 days prior to getting injectables. This helps so much! I prefer to take the tablets rather than the gel after the first 24 hours because the gel won’t be as effective.

3.     Sleep on your back for 24 hours after injectables! The filler is placed exactly where its to be immediately after injections so try to avoid side sleeping the first day! I know it’s hard, I like to put pillows around my face to help me avoid sleeping on my side. Side sleeping also causes wrinkles, so this is a habit you should shoot to keep anyway.

4.     If you are prone to cold sores, PLEASE inform your provider you need to be taking the appropriate antivirals (acyclovir) before and after injections or you will worsen or cause an outbreak. Just be safe! If you’re my client I am happy to get this prescription for you if needed to avoid any complications.

5.     Avoid alcohol. YUP! Unfortunately, alcohol is a blood thinner, so it will increase bruising! Avoid alcohol 3 days prior to injections and at least 24 hours after injections. This is a tough one especially for wine lovers like me but trust me it’s worth the wait!

6.     Avoid Ibuprofen for 3 days prior to injectables and 3 days after. Take Tylenol instead! Ibuprofen is also a blood thinner, so it will worsen bruising! Some herbal supplements are blood thinners as well like fish oil so please check with your injector and doctor and see if you should avoid taking them before injections!

7.     Don’t touch your filler! Like I said before the filler is EXACTLY where it should be. If you have any small lumps you can gently massage them, typically they will go away on their own without any massage but if you must just be sure your hands are clean! You want to keep the area as clean as possible to avoid infections

8.     NO makeup! If possible, you should try to avoid makeup for 24 hours after injections but at least wait one hour! You don’t want to contaminate the area so if you must just make sure anything you use is very clean!


Here you have it some aftercare tips and tricks and some advice to help decrease and prevent bruising!  If you have any other questions, please comment below I am HAPPY to answer any and every question you have!

Skin Foods

Let’s talk skin and food! Glowing skin starts from the inside and shines out. As someone that suffers from hormonal acne, I know the STRUGGLE. I just want clear skin is it that much to ask for?!! Whether acne is your battle or you’re just striving to combat the signs of aging, here are a few skin foods that will make you GLOW!


1.    Salmon. This superfood is rich in omega 3 fatty acids which help decrease inflammation and increases skin elasticity. Dermatologist like Dr. Harold Lancer are huge advocates of how beneficial omegas are for your skin and recommend trying to eat salmon daily! I can’t quite commit to daily intake of salmon, but I use oils that contain omegas and I also take a daily supplement!!

2.    Turmeric- This spice has so many healing benefits for the skin! It can help lighten dark pigmentation, reduce scarring, decrease redness, and has antioxidant properties!

3.    Papaya- enzymes in papaya help decrease acne and minimize pores! It also is rich in Vitamin C and has collagen strengthening properties. I add this to my smoothies in the mornings!

4.    Kale- This green leafy vegetable is loaded with the skin’s favorite anti-aging vitamins A, C, E, and, K. Vitamin K can minimize the visibility of bruises, scars, and stretch marks! Lately I have been trying to substitute spinach and lettuce in my salads for kale and it has been an easy swap!! I thought it would be hard, but the taste isn’t bad at all!

5.    Celery- Celery juice does wonders for the skin! I have been drinking 16 ounces every morning after reading many of the benefits published by the Medical Medium. IT WORKS!! Celery provides the skin with many nutrients similar to kale, provides hydration, and helps your skin GLOW with all of its antioxidant properties.

Holiday Skin tips

Your skin and the holidays! We all know the holidays can wreak havoc on your complexion. Here are a few holiday skin care tips to keep your skin refreshed and glowing!

1.     Get your beauty sleep! Sleep gives our skin time to repair. Lack of sleep causes spikes in the stress hormone putting our body in a state of stress! This reflects on our skin with dark circles and bags under our eyes. Make it a point this Christmas to keep your body and mind relaxed! Try sipping tea before bed

2.     Sugar triggers acne!! Yup that’s right. And we all love our treats on Christmas. Try to add some berries to your treats or stick to dark chocolate for some antioxidant power! Also try to keep your sugar intake to a minimum the best you can!

3.     Double cleanse your skin before bed! Everyone puts on lots of make up for holiday pictures. Don’t forget to take it off! Leaving on your makeup overnight clogs your pores and leaves to dull skin.

4.     Add sparkling water to your wine! Your skin needs hydration. Alcohol dehydrates your skin. If you’re going to have alcohol, make sure its light instead of sugary and add some sparkling water for an extra boost of hydration