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IV Therapy

Our Wellness Menu is the perfect addition for any and all treatments! Book ahead of time or add-on to your pre-existing appointment.

Pro Tip: Add IV Therapy when you are numbing for a treatment or getting a facial!


IV therapy

Myers’ Cocktail – $250 (1000ml), Pair with Glutathione Add-on

Vitamin cocktail that includes: Vitamins B1 – B6, Magnesium, Calcium & Vitamin-C.

Boosts immune system, energy, brain function, mood, recovery and sleep.

Rehydrate – $125 (1000ml), Pair with all iv therapies or add-ons

A basic saline hydration pick-me-up.

Refuel – $200 (1000ml), Pair with Glutathione Add-on

Includes: Taurine & B-12.

Refuels and replenishes to improve energy, athletic performance and muscle recovery. Increases metabolism and supports brain and heart health.

Rejuvenate – $200 (1000ml), Pair with Myers’ Cocktail to decrease the duration and severity of the common cold

High dose of Glutathione (1200mg)

Perfect for fall, this powerful antioxidant and master detoxifier works to improve inner and outer health.

nad+ – $750 (500mg), Complimentary Myers’ Cocktail included*

“Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide” is a natural coenzyme essential for mitochondrial rejuvenation and cell health. It works on a cellular level to remove damage from our unhealthy mitochondria to improve the health of our cells overall.

(Patient may experience mild discomfort during treatment)


Add-on Menu


Energy booster


Immune system support 


Energy, muscle recovery, & amino acids 






Add-on Pricing

Choose 1: $35

Choose 2: $60

Choose 3: $75

Extra 500ml Bag: $50


Wellness shots

Premium shots: $35


Powerful antioxidant and master detoxifier. Great for overall wellness including: muscle recovery, boosting immunity, improving skin health, fighting free radicals in our body and anti-aging.

Super Skinny

Includes: MIC, L-Carnitine & option to add B-12. Benefits include: Fat burner, improves energy and muscle recovery.

Regular Shots: $25


Energy Booster


Energy, muscle recovery, amino acid

Skinny (MIC)

Fat burner





NAD+ Wellness Shot: $150/shot | Series of (4) for $500

Improves mental clarity and boosts the body’s overall energy.