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Do you suffer from Cystic Acne?!

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Let’s talk ACNE. I never suffered from bad acne as a teenager. I used Proactive from when I was 16-25 years old and it worked great! Occasionally, like everyone else, I would get a random small pimple, but it would go away in a couple of days. It was nothing major! Then I turned 25 and things changed DRASTICALLY.  I started getting cystic acne that would stay on my skin for weeks. It was affecting my self-esteem and confidence levels. I didn’t even want to go in public. I tried EVERYTHING. I spent hundreds of dollars at Sephora trying anything they recommended, but nothing worked. Finally, I went to the dermatologist and got prescribed Retin-A and spironolactone. She explained that cystic acne isn’t like acne caused by bacteria. Cystic acne is from oil and dead skin being built up deep down in the skin and is often the result of a hormone imbalance. Therefore, topical medication is simply not enough!  I’m not big on taking medications, in fact I can barely remember to take my birth control on time, but I HAD to try something. Guess what?! IT WORKS!!!! Here are the deets about each one and how they changed my skin. I also started working on healing my skin from the inside out. I realized that what I was putting in my body was actually reflecting on my skin. I try to follow this diet 80% of the time because when I don’t BAM. ACNE. The combination of Retin-A, spironolactone, and diet has changed my skin and I FEEL AMAZING.

Retin-A is a synthetic derivative of Vitamin A. It stimulates collagen production in the dermis and helps unclog pores. It also increases cell turnover, which helps prevent acne and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Spironolactone is much safer than Accutane. It is a diuretic that is used to treat high blood pressure on label but off label is used for acne. It has anti-androgen properties that block testosterone production. Testosterone causes increase in oil production in our glands.

SAY NO TO DAIRY and limit carbohydrates. This is the hardest part, but the most effective!!! The foods we eat affect the hormones that regulate skin cell behavior. Refined carbohydrates increase androgen levels, which stimulate sebum production and therefore cause your oil glands to go into over drive. Too much sebum and oil production leads to acne. They also cause inflammation. Dairy contains ingredients that spike insulin levels just as much as sugar does.  A spike in insulin causes increase in oil production and even causes excess production of hormones! Limiting these two food groups will change your diet drastically!!

There’s your Perfect Dose of skin tips!!

Kristen Herzog