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Travel and Glowing Skincare

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Hello from the Caribbean!! Ahhhh it is amazing and breathtaking here!! I am traveling between Jamaica, Haiti, Cozumel, and Playa del Carmen. When traveling, skincare essentials can be tricky! Here are some products I can’t travel without and why.

Skincare essentials:

  • One Love Organics Vitamin B cleansing oil. This oil is my absolute favorite. I use it nightly before my regular cleanser. This helps remove all makeup and adds a little bit of moisture to my skin prior to applying my Retin-A at night

  • Virgin Marula Oil travel size- I add a drop of this to my Retin-A when traveling to minimize over drying my face. I find that with extra sun exposure this helps a lot

  • B-Hydra travel size- this is number one! Hyaluronic acid is a natural moisturizer, so it keeps my skin glowing. I apply this once on the plane to help prevent dryness, once after I get off of the plane, and every morning I mix it with my Vitamin C serum. Planes can dehydrate your skin, so this is key for hydration and LOTS of water!!!!

  • Sunscreen- yup SPF is so crucial. I personally like umbre tint from Drunk Elephant. I am applying this to my skin every few hours to protect myself from sun damage and wrinkles. The tint also looks really nice so I don’t even use foundation!

I wear minimal makeup when traveling especially during the day. I find that my skin looks glowing with this combination!! I also am exfoliating every morning and applying my daily Vitamin C serum. I simply add extra moisture to my skin when traveling. Keep your skin glowing while traveling by following these tips! Below I attached the products!

Kristen Herzog