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Holiday Skin tips

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Your skin and the holidays! We all know the holidays can wreak havoc on your complexion. Here are a few holiday skin care tips to keep your skin refreshed and glowing!

1.     Get your beauty sleep! Sleep gives our skin time to repair. Lack of sleep causes spikes in the stress hormone putting our body in a state of stress! This reflects on our skin with dark circles and bags under our eyes. Make it a point this Christmas to keep your body and mind relaxed! Try sipping tea before bed

2.     Sugar triggers acne!! Yup that’s right. And we all love our treats on Christmas. Try to add some berries to your treats or stick to dark chocolate for some antioxidant power! Also try to keep your sugar intake to a minimum the best you can!

3.     Double cleanse your skin before bed! Everyone puts on lots of make up for holiday pictures. Don’t forget to take it off! Leaving on your makeup overnight clogs your pores and leaves to dull skin.

4.     Add sparkling water to your wine! Your skin needs hydration. Alcohol dehydrates your skin. If you’re going to have alcohol, make sure its light instead of sugary and add some sparkling water for an extra boost of hydration

Kristen Herzog